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FAQ: Graduation

  1. What grades do I need to graduate with distinction?
  2. I am about to graduate, what steps do I follow?
  3. Can I apply for the master's before completing the bachelor's?
  4. Can I begin the master's in February instead of waiting until September?
  5. I completed all my courses, so can I take extra courses?

1. What average do I need if I want to graduate with distinctions (e.g., cum laude)?

For cum laude, students need an average of at least 8.0, and at least 9.0 for summa cum laude. To qualify for the distinction, no more than 10% of the total academic results should be resits. Please refer to Appendix 1 of the Education Examination Regulations (EER) for the complete details. If you have questions, please email the Examining Board (excieai@ai.ru.nl).

2. I am about to graduate. What arrangements do I need to make?

Please consult the website of the STIP to find out more information about how to apply for your Bachelor's or Master's diploma.

3. I only have one bachelor’s course to complete, but I am not sure if I can pass it. I want to apply for a master’s programme, so what should I do if I do not pass my last course?

Register yourself via Studielink for both the master’s programme and the next academic year of the bachelor’s programme. You can always cancel one of the registrations, if necessary.

4. I will complete my bachelor's in the first semester and wish to begin the AI master's immediately after, but I noticed that students can only begin that programme in September. Is it possible for me to begin the master's in February so that I do not have to wait half a year?

For students who completed the AI bachelor’s degree at Radboud can register for the Interactive Agents Master’s specialisation only, also in February. The Cognitive Computing Master’s programme is a selective master so one has to pass the selection procedure.
Register through studielink van the IT Master’s programme, but don’t de-register from the Bachelor’s programme yet.

If you are having trouble registering, please send an email to balie@dsz.ru.nl to explain the issue and request assistance. 
All students who have earned at least 102 EC during the AI bachelor's will be able to register themselves for AI master's courses (course codes "SOW-MKI"), as well as some of the Computing Science ("NWI") master's courses. Please check the master's prospectus (Course Guide) for instructions about registering for Cognitive Neuroscience (CNS) courses ("SOW-DGCN"). At the end of the first month of the master's, STIP will check the profiles of all students registered for master's courses. All students who have completed their bachelor's degrees will be allowed to continue with the master's and STIP will make the master's registration official for these students.

5. I completed all my programme requirements, but I would still like to take some courses (without completing a second degree). Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to do so without incurring extra tuition fees. Simply renew your registration for the subsequent academic period. Do not apply to graduate until you have completed the extra courses. International students may encounter more restrictions and may need to fulfil additional requirements (e.g., immigration rules). Please contact the Student Affairs Office for more information about registration and finances: http://www.ru.nl/currentstudents/.