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FAQ: Miscellaneous academic & administrative

  1. My studies are not going well
  2. Taking a study break
  3. I am suspected of committing fraud
  4. Lecturers' walk-in hours and and appointments
  5. Information for international students
  6. Reserving rooms for group meetings
  7. Where can I get confirmation of enrolment letter?

1. My studies are not going well and I am not sure why. How can I get help?

Contact the Student Advisor to discuss the problem. You can make an appointment for individual academic advice. This individual appointment will be the first step for getting insight into, and getting a grip on, academic problems. You may also be recommended to do a workshop or other form of training, or maybe even adjust your academic load.

2. How do I request a study break?

There is no formal process for requesting a study break. Simply deregister yourself via Studielink, and then re-register when you are ready to return. Important considerations:

  • First-year students: contact the Student Advisor to receive advice concerning the Binding Study Advice (BSA).
  • B2-, B3-, and master’s students: inform the Student Advisor of your plans and make an appointment to discuss academic and/financial considerations.
  • International students: contact the Student Advisor before deregistering.

3. I received a notification that I am suspected of committing fraud (plagiarism, cheating, etc.). What should I do?

Please follow the instructions from the Examining Board to the letter! Most important, do not ignore any correspondence that you receive. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to address the allegations, so please read any email that you receive carefully. See Appendix 3 of the Education Examination Regulations (EER) for more information.

4. I want to speak to my lecturer outside of class. How do I arrange that?

Please check in Brightspace if the lecturer has specified walk-in-hours or has defined how to make an appointment. If this information is missing, send an email to the lecturer requesting a meeting and indicating briefly why you want to meet.

5. I am an international student. Where can I find information related to my situation?

The Student Advisor hosts an information session each academic year for undergraduate international students at AI. Please refer to the Tip Sheet that is made based on the questions and feedback from other students because they are relevant for both bachelor's and master's students: Internationals Tip Sheet (pdf, 130 kB).

The International Office is also a reliable source of information and advice. And, of course, you are always welcome to make an appointment or come by during walk-in hours to have a chat with the AI Student Advisors.

6. Study/workplaces

7. Where can I get confirmation of enrolment letter?

You can download a standard document from Osiris. If you visit the Student Affairs Office, they can provide an official letter. You can also request an official document at the STIP counter. The Student Advisors can also assist with confirmation of enrolment letters and forms that need to be signed/stamped (e.g., German student loan documents) during walk-in hours.