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FAQ: Osiris

  1. Registration in Osiris gives an error message
  2. Errors in my Osiris record (Dossier, placement courses)
  3. I received a 'NSI' grade
  4. Osiris help manual

1. I tried to register for a course, but Osiris gives me an error message. What should I do?

First, recheck the prerequisites for the course in the course guide because that could be the reason that you are blocked from enrolling. Next, check the “Additional comments” section of the course description to see if there any other restrictions. Please note that AI students cannot register for third-year AI courses until they pass all first-year courses.  
If you are trying to register for a Computing Science course (prefix “NWI”), check first to see if the course registration deadline already expired.
For Psychology courses (prefix “SOW-PS”), contact the Student Advisors to request assistance.  
For all other courses, use the “Contact person” information in the course description to request permission to register for the course.

2. I found a mistake in my exam programme in Osiris, or one of my courses is not shown/placed correctly in my academic record/overview. What should I do?

You may discover a mistake in the Study Progress Review/Dossier section of Osiris. For example, a course could appear under the heading 'Other results’, when it should be listed in the exam programme, or an elective that you passed (e.g., "Security") is not showing up at all. Please contact STIP and request that they make the change to your exam programme. If STIP cannot resolve the issue or if you have questions about your Osiris record, please contact the Examination Board.

3. I received the grade 'NSI' for an assignment. What does it mean?

“NSI” is the abbreviation for 'Niet serieus ingeleverd'. This means that you did not submit the assignment, or you submitted work that does not demonstrate adequate effort/attention. “NSI” grades are used primarily by Faculty of Science instructors. If you do not receive feedback for your “NSI”-assignments , you can contact the instructor for clarification.

4. Osiris help and general information

Everything that you need to know can be found here: Osiris and FAQ for international Students.