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FAQ: Programme Choice & Enhancement

  1. I want to expand my academic and extracurricular experiences
  2. What can I do with my AI degree?
  3. I want to do a minor. How can I arrange that?
  4. I want to study abroad

1. I like AI, but I do not find the courses very challenging and/or I have too much free time. What should I do?

If you need an additional challenge, there are some possibilities to explore. Perhaps this is your first year at AI, but you completed more advanced courses in the past. Maybe you are a high-achieving or gifted student. Begin by reading the information here about the many opportunities available. You will find various avenues for doing more next to your studies such as the Honours Academy, working part-time, becoming involved with a study association such as CognAC. You can explore other options and your ambitions by making an appointment with the Student Advisor.

2. What else can I do with my AI degree (BSc/MSc) besides becoming a programmer or continuing studying to earn a master's degree or PhD?

Students can begin by attending lectures such as the AI Seminars and Donders Sessions to begin learning about interesting topics and applications beyond those introduced in the classroom. The Science Career event (BBB) is also a great opportunity to explore other options within the field. Contact the Bachelor's Programme Coordinator, Luc Selen, or Student Advisor Paul Homke (paul.homke@ru.nl) to receive guidance about how to begin exploring other options. The University's Programme and Career Advisors also offer one-on-one counselling to help you figure out what to do in the future.

3. I want to do a minor. How can I arrange that?

The AI programme does not have any minors currently. That means that when you graduate, you will earn a degree in Artificial Intelligence only. Some programmes on campus have minors, but to the best of our knowledge, only students registered at those programmes can earn these minors. If the courses within the minor are accessible, AI students may choose to take them. However, even if all the courses within a minor are completed, as an AI student, you will not receive a Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence with a minor in X, nor will your transcript have any notation about a minor. It will simply be a BSc in AI. Please double-check this information, and address questions to the Student Advisors at the programmes that offer these minors.

4. I want to study abroad. How do I arrange that?

Please discuss studying abroad with the International Officer: ioss@ru.nl; online appointments via Reflex.