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FAQ: Programme & Curriculum

  1. Timing free choice electives
  2. Rules free choice electives
  3. Finding electives courses
  4. Taking courses at another university
  5. Applying for exemptions or transfer credit
  6. Internships during the bachelor's programme
  7. Finding a master's internship

1. When can I begin my free choice electives?

Students generally register for electives according to the schedule outlined in their prospectus (third year of the BSc; first year of the MSc), however, students can begin electives whenever they wish. If you are a first-year bachelor’s student, please contact the Student Advisor to discuss your plans before taking any extra courses.

2. What are the rules for selecting free choice electives?

You may choose any course as long as there is no significant overlap with the content of mandatory courses in the AI curriculum. Bachelor’s students are adviced to look into the recommended electives first. Especially for courses from the Science department that are not part of this list, it is advisable to ask the Examination Board (excieai@ai.ru.nl)  for approval by making use of the form. If you are unsure about the suitability of a course, please file a request to the Examining Board at excieai@ai.ru.nl. Bachelor’s students should make use of the form available in the Recommended Electives in the course guide.

3. How can I find elective courses to take?

Bachelor’s students should begin by checking the list of Recommended Electives in the AI prospectus: https://www.ru.nl/courseguides/.
For all students, there is a general search feature available that can be used to search for courses from different faculties and programmes, and also to search course descriptions for specific keywords: https://sis.ru.nl/osiris-student/OnderwijsCatalogus.do. If you are unsure about the suitability of a course, please contact the Examining Board at excieai@ai.ru.nl.

4. Can I take a course at another university and have it count towards my AI programme?

Yes, if you receive permission. First, find out from the other university if the course you are interested in is open to external students. The AI Examining Board then needs to approve courses taken at the other institution, so please send a formal request along with the course descriptions to excieai@ai.ru.nl.

5. Can I apply for an exemption from a course, or transfer credits to the bachelor’s or master’s programme?

You can submit an exemption request if you think that you have already acquired the knowledge and/or skills taught in a particular course. Before submitting the request, read the regulations on exemptions in the EER. The AI examination Board can only exempt you from SOW-BKI or SOW-MKI courses. Fill out this document (pdf, 155 kB), attach the requested documents and send all to the Examination Board (excieai@ai.ru.nl) who will evaluate your request

6. I am a bachelor’s student. Can I do an internship that will count towards my degree?

Yes. Please check the course guide and see "Course overview" for details about the elective course, "SOW-BKI330 Bachelor's Internship". The Course Coordinator can answer any questions that you have. Students can also gain practical experience during the thesis phase.

7. I am a master’s student looking for an internship and I do not know where to begin. What should I do?

First read all the information in the Master spaces (either IT or CC). You will find a list of research projects and even some vacancies. You can also contact your Specialization Leader for advice. If you would like to do an internship abroad during the master's programme, please contact the International Officer at ioss@ru.nl.