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Degree Programme Committee

Each programme has a Degree Programme Committee (DPC) that provides the director with solicited and unsolicited advice on all pertinent educational matters. The Programme Committee is also responsible for monitoring the quality of the standards which are met by the programme's educational content. The committee is comprised of both staff members and students. The Bachelor's and Master's programmes each have their own committees but also have joint meetings.

Staff members BSc DPC
Dr. Frank Léoné Chair BSc DPC
Dr. Linda Geerligs
Dr. Hartmut Fitz
Staff members MSc DPC
Dr. Pim Haselager Chair MSc DPC
Dr. Sander Keemink
Dr. Olivia Guest

Student Members of the Programme Committee

The Programme Committee is there to monitor the quality of the programme's content. In order to achieve this, the committee needs to have a good idea of what you, the students, perceive as the positive and negative aspects of the programme. Please don't hesitate to contact the committee with all your questions and comments and let the Programme Committee’s student members definitely know if there is anything you would like them to look into.

Student Members BSc
Mihhail Belov olc.ai(at)student.ru.nl
Laura den Hartog
Leah van Oorschot
Peter Berentsen Advisory member Education CognAC
TBA Advisory member CS
TBA Advisory 1st year member
Student Members MSc
TBA olc.ai(at)student.ru.nl
Peter Berentsen Advisory member Education CognAC
TBA Advisory member CS