Faculty of Social Sciences
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Quality Control and Assessments

Assessment of the Programmes Educational Content and its Organisation

Monitoring the quality control of the programmes educational content involves the digital assessment of courses. Every course is assessed minimally once every three years. Besides, all new courses, new lecturer’s courses as well as courses that underwent drastic changes are evaluated too. Also the division of the study load within and over semesters is taken into account.

Upon the conclusion of a selected course, a digital questionnaire is anonymously sent to all participants. These questionnaires are made available through Evalytics.

The programme attaches great importance to these assessments. The results of all surveys are discussed by the Degree Programme Committees (DPC) who writes a summary and includes an advice. Lecturers are asked to make use of the results of the evaluations in their Teacher Reports in order to improve the quality of their courses.

The Examination Board and the Director of Education both have access to the results of the assessments and will in their turn assess the quality.

Monitoring the fulfilment of the programmes educational final objectives involves checking whether the course objectives of all compulsory courses together cover the final objectives, and (sample-wise) checking the adequacy of individual course assessments. This is done by the Examination Board.