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Admission and registration

Please make sure you’re registered for your Master’s programme on time. Your Master’s programme requires you to do this in order to inform you of the most important information about your further studies. In doing so, you will also help your programme to create an adequate schedule for the lecturers and rooms.

The registration for a Master’s programme consists of four steps.

Step 1: Admission to Master’s in Psychology

Anyone who has finished their Bachelor’s in Psychology, can be admitted to the Master’s in Psychology (Please note: for candidates for the Master’s specialisation Health Care Psychology, acceptance works through a selection procedure).

  • The deadlines for the Bachelor’s diploma application are on 31 August (and for Health Care Psychology and Clinical Neuroscience also on 31 January).
  • The results of exams and theses count if they are known before 1 September. This includes the results of possible resits in August or exams in January.
  • Do you expect not to have met this admission requirement in July or before 1 February? Please read the page 'Bachelor's not yet finished'.

Step 2: Register for the Master’s in Psychology via Studielink

Please indicate which Master’s specialisation you’re choosing before 1 July. Attention: do this even if you’re not sure if you will meet the admission requirements. In Studielink, choose:

Would you like to start one of the research Master’s programmes? Then a selection procedure applies, so check the admission requirements and the selection procedure.

  • The application deadlines for Cognitive Neuroscience are on 1 May (for starting in September) and on 1 December (for starting in February).
  • Behavioural Science only starts in September. The application deadline is on 1 May.

Step 3: Re-register for Bachelor’s in Psychology in Studielink

Register again for the Bachelor’s in Psychology by re-registering in Studielink. Will you continue with a master programme at RU? Your re-registration for the bachelor will be cancelled automatically when your master registration becomes active.

If you continue with a master outside RU or abroad, please cancel your re-registration yourself for the bachelor in Studielink before september 1st!

Explanation: the government only recognises you as a student if you are enrolled in a programme on 1 September. If you are enrolled in neither the Bachelor’s, nor the Master’s programme, it will have consequences for your financial aid, public transport card and your access to all RU systems.

Step 4: Request your Bachelor’s diploma online via the Student Information Point (STIP)

Use the application form to request your Bachelor’s diploma yourself as soon as you have finished all of your Bachelor’s courses.