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Bachelor’s Programme Not Yet Completed

All programmes in the Dutch higher education system are legally obliged to adopt a ‘hard line’ when it comes to admission requirements for Master’s programmes: students must first complete a Bachelor's programme before they are allowed to start their Master's programme.

What does this mean for me as a Psychology student?

If you fail to complete your Bachelor’s programme before 1 September (or 1 February):

  • You will have to wait 12 months before you can start your Master's specialisation in Nijmegen. However, if you are intending to take the Master’s specialisation in Health Care Psychology (Dutch only), you will only have to wait six months, i.e. you may start your Master’s programme on 1 February (in case you got selected again from the selection procedure)If you would like to know how to spend your valuable study time while you are waiting to start your programme, see point 1 below.
  • In a limited number of cases, the Examining Board can make exceptions. See point 2 below.

No matter what your circumstances are, do contact the student advisor to discuss the possibilities of how to spend your valuable study time while you are waiting.

1. I am a third-year student and I do not expect to complete my Bachelor’s programme on time. What should I do?

Use the first and/or second semester to complete your Bachelor's programme. Depending on the number of Bachelor’s courses that you still need to complete and the period in which they are given, you can choose to:

  • Take extra electives
  • Study abroad
  • Withdraw from the programme for several months, which will save you tuition fee (for further information check the Student Affairs Office)
  • Spend extra time at your (part-time) job, so that you will have more time for your Master’s programme and internship later on.
  • Work on you resume (for further information, tips or vacancies check the Career Service of this faculty)

2. There is one B3 course (< 6 EC) that I have not yet passed. Is it possible to take an extra resit?

For specific, individual cases, the Examining Board can schedule a date of a second resit of a mandatory, non-replaceable Bachelor 3 course of the Psychology programme. Under certain conditions, the Examining Board may provide an extra opportunity to resit the examination if they find that the EC deficit for the Bachelor’s programme is disproportionate to the delay that you will incur in your studies. For example, in the case of serious, non-culpable personal circumstances of which the student advisor had been notified beforehand.
If you haven't passed/expect not to pass one B3 course (max 6 EC) before August 1 (or January 1), please turn to the student advisors to discuss your options and the conditions that apply for an extra resit. You have to request an extra resit through the Examining Board before July 1st at latest (even if you are still waiting for other exam results – but expect to pass them). Please take into account that an extra resit will most likely be planned in summer (e.g. in the exam weeks in August).

NOTE If you already have (other) resits in August, you will not comply the requirements of an extra resit. Please always contact the student advisor in case of personal circumstances or questions regarding an extra resit.