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Degree Programme Committee (DPC)

The programme committee provides the Director of Education with solicited and unsolicited advice on all pertinent educational matters. The programme committee is also responsible for monitoring the quality of the standards that are met by each of the programmes’ educational content. The programme committee is comprised of members from both the teaching staff and student body.

If you have any questions or comments about the Psychology programme that do not pertain to examinations (that’s what the Examining Board is for!), then please contact the degree programme committee.

What does the programme committee do?

Last year the PC advised the Director of Education on:

  • Approximately 20 Teacher’s Reports and course evaluations
  • Complaints about certain courses
  • Education and Examination Regulations (EER)
  • Implementation of the English-taught master specializations
  • Study load
  • Filling in professional skills.


Chair DPC:
drs. T. Meijer

Official Secretary:
mw.drs. A. ten Cate

Question or suggestion for the student members Programme Committee:
www.facebook.com/olcpsy or studentleden_olc@psych.ru.nl