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Examination Board

The Examination Board monitors the final academic level of the programme and ensures that the programme has high-quality examinations and strict but fair appraisals. The Examination Board checks that the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) are followed and makes sure that the examinations run smoothly.

Requesting an exception  
If you think there are good reasons why an  should be made for you with regard to the EER, you may submit a request to the Examination Board. The Examination Board has the authority to make exceptions for individual students.

If you want to submit a request to the Examination Board, make sure that you consult one of the study advisors first. They can advise you on the possibilities and potential outcomes of your request. They can also assist you in formulating your request in the best possible way.

Submitting a written request to the Examination Board

  • Email your request in a letter (pdf) to the Examination Board:  Examinationboard@psych.ru.nl, or send it to the postal address (see side bar) or hand it over to the porter.
  • Remember to include your name, address and student number and also sign the letter.
  • Clearly state the course name and course code that are the subject of the request.
  • Using no more than two A4 pages, explain your situation and your request for an exception to the rules briefly and clearly and justify why your request should be accepted.

Board Psychology

Marijtje Jongsma, chair