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Study Associations

Psychology Study Association (SPiN)

SPiN is the Nijmegen Psychology Study Association for students from the Bachelor of Psychology programme. SPiN strives to make your time at university fun and educational and is involved in:

  • Organising the sale of books
  • Improving the quality of education
  • Fostering integration between students from all years
  • Supporting the further professionalisation of students by means of educational activities
  • Forming a bridge between the student and the workplace

SPiN organises excursions and seminars, takes care of book sales, publishes the Dutch magazine “Hersenspinsels” [Figments of the Imagination] and regularly issues invitations to parties, study trips, concerts and sporting events.

Become a member!

For a small fee, you can join our study association and participate in our activities. We can always use an extra pair of hands. And if you have ideas for activities, then please let us know.

No matter what your level of involvement, become a member of SPiN. It’s good for your personal development, it looks great on your CV, and of course it is a lot of fun.

Study associations for Master’s specialisations

The Master’s programme in Psychology has three specialisations. Each of these specialisations has its own study association. Information about their activities can be found on the following websites:

  • Behavioural Change Master’s specialisation: B-Change
  • Health Psychology Master’s specialisation: Halo
  • Work, Organisation and Health Master’s specialisation: Argon