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You are considering to go abroad during your studies. Which steps do you need to take next to realise your ambitions?

  1. Completing your B1 and B2 courses before 31 August is a prerequisite for being considered eligible to study abroad.
  2. Check out the information on this website and on www.ru.nl/ioss.
  3. Read the Plan of Action (pdf, 946 kB).
  4. Attend the Radboud Go Abroad Week. You will find the slides of the most recent information session for Psychology students here (pdf, 5,9 MB).
  5. To which university in which country do you want to go? By the end of the second year, you will choose one of the three domains: Brain & Cognition, Development & Mental Health or Behaviour & Environment. Note that not all partner universities offer courses in all domains! Therefore, choose a university that offers courses within your area of specialization. A good way to start is the overview of course choices from students in previous years (xlsx, 54 kB). You will see four sheets: one sheet for each domain (for your Domain Electives) and one sheet for Free Electives. Note that this overview only lists courses and universities that our students chose in previous years. As a consequence, it is far from exhaustive. However, it may serve as a convenient way to narrow down your choices and focus on universities that match with your domain. The complete list of our partner universities you can find here for European destinations and here for destinations outside of Europe.
  6. Choose two or three universities of your preference and make a list of the courses that you would like to take.
  7. Your going abroad plans are pretty concrete now! You can now contact the International Officer of Psychology, Julia Pick via ioss@ru.nl.

Additional tips

Plan of Action

Plan of Action (pdf, 946 kB) ("For studying abroad - Psychology").

Go Abroad Information Session October 2020

Going abroad for Psychology students - Radboud Go Abroad Week (pdf, 5,9 MB)

Previously chosen courses abroad for the Bachelor’s programme of Psychology

Some of the chosen courses at our foreign partner universities (xlsx, 54 kB)

Registering for study abroad 2021-2022

Registering for study abroad 2021-2022 (pdf, 1 MB)