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Grants & Scholarships

Within Europe

You can request an Erasmus+ grant for studying abroad within Europe. Any student who receives an exchange placement through the Psychology programme is entitled to this grant. The rates range from €150 to €270 per month, depending on the standard of living in the country of your destination.

During your exchange you will continue to pay tuition fees at Radboud University; you will not need to pay any tuition fees to the foreign university where you have been placed. You can also temporarily stop your Dutch public transport chip card (week or weekend OV card+ you will then receive €98 per month) and sublet your room.

Outside of Europe

For destinations outside of Europe, you can apply for several grants, depending on your destination. Examples are the Individual Travel Grant and the Holland Scholarship (max. about €1200 in total).

VSB Scholarship

The VSB Fund provides annual scholarships for students who have completed their education at a Dutch higher education institution and wish to study or conduct research abroad. The student chooses the institution where he/she wants to study or carry out his/her research and is also responsible for organising his/her own admission. The scholarships are granted for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 24 months and amount to a maximum of €7000. You will need to give yourself enough time to read the conditions and download the application form. 
The student submits his/her application form to the International Office of Social Sciences (IOSS). The FSS then carries out a pre-selection of candidates and the Radboud selection committee subsequently proposes eight candidates and two reserve candidates to the VSB Fund. The annual deadline is 1 March. Please note: we advise you to start your procedure for this scholarship at least six months in advance of this deadline.

Find more information about scholarship programmes via IOSS and NUFFIC

The IOSS provides more information about grants. In addition, NUFFIC (the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education) provides help for Dutch and international exchange students in higher education. For this purpose, NUFFIC refers to several scholarship programmes.