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Radboudquarantaine groceries

From 16 August onwards, a lot of new students will be arriving in Nijmegen; we look forward to welcoming all of them! Hereby we kindly ask your help in doing that: some of our international students come from a country or area where an orange or red travel advise applies from the Dutch government. This means that upon arrival they have to self-quarantine in the Netherlands for 14 days.

With the result that they are for instance not allowed to go to stores to buy their own groceries. The International Office will of course provide them with a list of restaurants offering take away menus and other delivery services they can use, but some students may still experience difficulties doing that though. As we have no idea how many of the new students will actually need help, we are looking for a group of fellow-students to do their shopping for them and/or for those students who have to be in quarantine due to Covid-19 symptoms or infection.

What do we ask and offer?

  • You need to be available from 16 August until at least 10 September
  • Payment via Campus Detachering placement (scale 4)
  • A safe way of helping these students will be ensured


Contact the International Office at Radboudquarantine.groceries@io.ru.nl and let us know how many hours you are available per week in the period from 16 August - mid/end of September 2020. We will then arrange the practicalities with you from there on.