Aumeistere, A. (Anna)

Anna Aumeistere

Anna Aumeistere

Labmanager for the Behavioural Science institute (BSI)
Room 00.326

M: +316 25771389


Labmanager of the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI).

Anna Aumeistere works as a Lab Coordinator within Behavioural Science Institute (BSI), where she is responsible for the organization and maintenance of laboratory facilities, and the documentation associated with the labs. She manages the inventory, equipment, and supplies to ensure the uninterrupted progress of research activities.

Furthermore, she offers guidance, instruction, training, and hands-on assistance to researchers, aiding them in conducting experiments and navigating laboratory procedures effectively.
As Chair of the Lab Committee, she plays a central role in fostering collaboration among researchers, the Technical Support Group, and other research institutes. She facilitates communication and cooperation, helping to bridge the gap between different stakeholders within the university.