G.B.M. van Oijen (Gerard)


Gerard van Oijen 
Electronics and Electrical Engineer, Substitute Head TSG

Room 00.318

T: +31 24 3615560

M: +31 629646414

E: gerard.vanoijen@ru.nl

Gerard van Oijen is an Electronics and Electrical Engineer and act as substitute Head of the TSG.

His activities include:

  • Logistics: request quotations, ordering equipment and parts needed for projects realized by the group and for researchers.
  • Design and realization of computer, electronic and electrotechnic equipment (PCB design) used in Experimental Setups, Analog and Digital. Physiological experiments (BioPac, Noldus Observer and Ethosvision), real time stimuli and markers, sensors, button boxes, Lab-Equipment-maintenance, Audio/Video setups and over all Laboratory-Software and Hardware Applications.
  • Giving technical advice to researchers, staff and others about lab setup and investments. Negotiate with companies and suppliers about support, costs, warranty and contracts . Technical Computer, Audio, Video and other related matters.
  • Tutors researchers and students in the use of lab equipment and the experimental setup of their experiment. Assists in setting up experiments and calibrate stimuli.
  • Is a member of the BHV (Bedrijfs Hulp Verlener, PiketPloeg) and will assist in case of an emergency.(call 55555 !!) This could be a medical emergency ( CPR and First Aid) or in case of fire.In this capacity has to prevent matters that could make our workplace unsafe.