Mechanical Engineering

The work of the Mechanical Department involves a vast variety of activities. 
Together with the customer the requirements are made and translated into technical terms that cover a wide range of disciplines such as optics, dynamics, electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and software for design and manufacturing.

First a concept of design is established together with the customer.

After that an initial functional draft is worked out and made sure whether all the requirements are met. If necessary the draft is adjusted.The design and manufacturing of the various parts is done using CAD/CAM software, various machining techniques and 3D printing.

Literature studies, product information, product data, production costs, terms of delivery and safety regulations are very important factors during the process and are continually taken into account.

Workability and prototype testing is a necessary part of the process because in many cases standard solutions to a problem cannot be used.

After finishing a project the appropriate documentation is supplied such as user manuals, service manuals, calibrations sheets etc.

The Mechanical Workshop is certified to give students instructions that do their practical training at the construction department. This is monitored by Kenteq.