In collaboration with the EPAN lab, GEMH lab and Dutch Police Academy, the TSG developed a training tool for the Dutch Police Academy to practice breath control in stressful situations. The training tool was a VR game in which the player has to defeat evil zombies, while saving innocents. Real-time data from heart rate and breathing sensors was used to provide immediate biofeedback in the game. A custom 3D controller-extension was designed to make the VR controller feel more like a real service pistol.

Applied expertise: virtual reality, programming (Unity), 3D printing

Client: EPAN lab & GEMH lab, Behavioural Science Institute.


Photo of a police officer wearing a head mounted display and holding a VR controller with 3d printed extension in the shape of a pistol

Screenshot of a VR application. Silhouettes of multiple zombies are visible in a dark parking garage. A few have been shot, a bright light eminating from their wounds.

Screenshot of a VR application. The player is holding up a pistol in a dark parking garage.