Influential Cases in Multilevel Modeling

The content below supports our research note Influential Cases in Multilevel Modeling (American Sociological Review, February 2010 issue).

  • Alexander Schmidt and Katja Möhring programmed the STATA ado mltcooksd which gives Cook's D and DFBETAs for second level units in mixed models. The ado is part of the post-estimation package multilevel tools (mlt) which can be downloaded here . The mlt-package contains also programs for multilevel post-estimation in STATA, e.g. mltrsq which calculates the R-squared values for each level.
  • Rense Nieuwenhuis translated the MlwiN macro into the R package  He also wrote a supporting manual and presented the package during the 2009 UseR! conference in Rennes (France) . The package, manual, and presentation slides can be found by clicking on the logo below:


Influential Cases in a Bivariate Scatterplot


DFBETAS from a Multilevel Model


Statistical Tools, an introductory statistical textbook has just been released. Click on the toolbox below for more information.

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