New Immigrant Survey Netherlands (NIS2NL)

NIS2NL is a unique longitudinal data collection among recent immigrants to the Netherlands. The goal of the data investment is to build a large-scale longitudinal survey to study integration processes among recently arrived migrants to the Netherlands. Relatively little is known about the integration processes in the first few years after migration, which are considered essential for successful integration in the host society.

The study focuses on a more established migrant group (Turks) and new migrant groups from Eastern Europe (Poles and Bulgarians) and Southern Europe (Spaniards). With its longitudinal design, covering the period of the first five years after arrival in the Netherlands, the project offers unique opportunities to answer questions about the interrelations between structural, social, and cultural integration, and provides critical input for integration-related policies. The data collection started in 2013.The second wave is conducted in 2015, the third wave in 2016 and a final wave in 2018.

NIS2NL map

Research team NIS2NL

  • Marcel Lubbers (Radboud University) (coordination)
  • Mérove Gijsberts (SCP)
  • Fenella Fleischmann (Utrecht University)

The survey is financed by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) in the Middelgroot Program.