Staff: Expertise:
Batenburg, prof. dr. R. (Ronald) Healthcare, labour market and healthcare professions and training
Begall, dr. K.H. (Katia) Family, life course, labour market participation, division of household tasks and gender norms
Bekhuis, dr. H. (Hidde) Welfare state, nationalism and sports
Berg, dr. L. van den (Lonneke) Family, life course and transition to adulthood
Blommaert, dr. L. (Lieselotte) Discrimination and inequality on the labour market
Eisinga, prof. dr. R.N. (Rob) Methods of research and statistics
Gesthuizen, dr. M.J.W. (Maurice)

Poverty en social cohesion

Geurts, dr. P.G. (Nella)

Integration and migration

Glas, dr. S. (Saskia) Islam, gender attitudes and sexuality
Hek, dr. M. van (Margriet) Educational inequality, gender inequality, organizational sociology and culture
Hoekman, dr. R. H. A.(Remco) Sports and policy sociology
Hofstra, dr. B. (Bas) Diversity, inequality and innovation
Koops, dr. J. (Judith) Family sociology and demography
Kraaykamp, prof. dr. G.L.M. (Gerbert) Educational inequality, culture and health
Meuleman, dr. (Roza) Culture and nationalism
Savelkoul, dr. M.J. (Michael) Ethnic diversity, prejudice and social cohesion
Scheepers, prof. dr. P.L.H. (Peer) Comparative research, social cohesion and diversity
Spierings, dr. C.H.B.M. (Niels) Islam, gender, populism, social media, Middle East and migration
Tolsma, dr. J. (Jochem) Inequality, criminology and ethnic diversity

Verbakel, prof. dr. C.M.C. (Ellen)

Head of the department

Health, family and work
Visser, dr. M. (Mark) Older workers, radicalism and social cohesion
Wolbers, prof. dr. M.H.J. (Maarten) Educational inequality and labour market inequality
PhD: Expertise:
Bussemakers, C. (Carlijn) MSc Adverse youth experiences and social inequality
Franken, R. (Rob) MSc Sport networks and motivation for sustainable sports participation
Firat, M. (Mustafa) MSc Social inequality, older workers, life course and retirement

Güneyli, A. (Ayşegül)

Hendriks, I.P. (Inge) MSc Resistance to refugees and social cohesion
Jeroense, T.M.G. (Thijmen) MSc Political participation, segregation, opinion polarization and voting behaviour
Kollar, R. (Rachel) Spirit project
Linders, N. (Nik) MSc Populism, gender, masculinity and sexuality
Loh, S.M. (Renae) MSc Educational sociology, social stratification, gender inequality and information communication technology (ICT)
Meijeren, M. (Maikel) MSc Social capital, volunteer work and diversity
Mensvoort, C.A. van (Carly) MSc Gender, leadership and social norms

Mulders, A.M. (Anne Maaike) MSc

Social inequality in science
Müller, K. (Katrin) MSc Opinions about discrimination, migration and inequality
Raiber, K. (Klara) MSc Informal care, employment, social inequality and gender
Ramaekers, M.J.M. (Marlou) MSc Prosocial behaviour and family
Wiertsema, S. (Sara) MSc Inequality in sports and physical activity, school-to-work transition and employment
External PhD: Expertise:
Betkó, drs. J.G. (János) Social assistance benefit, poverty, reintegration, RCT and social experiment
Middendorp J. (Jansje) van MSc Home administration
Vis, E. (Elize) MSc Healthcare, labour market, healthcare professions and training, health and social capital
Weber, T. (Tijmen) MSc International student mobility and the internationalization of higher education
Guest researchers: Expertise:
Khawli, E. el (Elissa) post-doc, Dr. Inequality in older age
Sterkens, dr. C.J.A. (Carl) Religious conflicts, cohesion, religion and the philosophy of life
Vermeer, dr. P.A.D.M. (Paul) Socialization processes, secularisation, religion and the philosophy of life
Other researchers: Expertise:
Grubben, M. (Malou) Inequality in sports and movement