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Group Leader

Evan Spruijt

Management assistant
Desiree van der Wey

PhD students

Alain André
Research: Using a multidisciplinary approach, I am studying protein-based artificial organelles.

Tiemei Lu
Research: I am using multiphase coacervates, temperature-dependent coacervates and polymer capsules as models for artificial organelles or cells.

Wojciech Lipiński
Research: I study liquid-to-solid transition in model coacervate systems to better understand pathological protein aggregation.

Merlijn van Haren
Research: I am investigating how coacervates can grow, replicate, and possibly function as the first generation of cells on Earth.

 Iris Smokers
Research: I am investigating replication of genetic information within coacervate protocells to explore their possible role in the origin of life.

Annemiek Slootbeek
Research: I am researching self replicating and growing coacercates. I especially focus on the interactions and reactions with which these coacercates are formed and evolve.

Brent Visser
Research: I am studying how model coacervate systems influence aggregation of proteins related to neurodegenerative disease.


Manzar Abbas
Research: I am working on the design and synthesis of functional short peptide building blocks, self-assembly, liquid-liquid phase separation, coacervates and synthetic protocell.

Amy Yewdall
Research: I will be harnessing protein-based artificial organelles to control enzymatic reactions within cell-like environments.

MSc/BSc students

Past PhD students and Postdocs
Karina Nakashima (PhD student 2017-2021): now post doc at University of Groningen (Thesis: Chemistry of active coacervate droplets: Liquid droplets as a minimal model of life)
Jiahua Wang (postdoc 2019-2021): now at The Sixth Affiliated People’s Hospital Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Joep Joosten (postdoc September 2020-July 2021): now in K.M. Bonger's group, Radboud University

Past MSc/BSc students
Levy Charleston (February - September 2021 )
Jurre van den Oever (February - July 2021)
Christian Thömmes (February - July 2021)
Jesse Lentjes (November 2020 - July 2021)
Gina Boting (April - June 2021)
Brent Visser (November 2019 - July 2020)
Joep de Graaf (April - June 2020)
Irina Robu (February - July 2020,Honours Academy)
Merlijn van Haren (November 2018 - July 2019)
Tim Banning (November 2018 - July 2019)
Aman Urazov (April - June 2019)
Brent Visser (April - June 2019)
Davin Elian (April - June 2019)
Haibin Qian (November  2018 - February 2019)
Yorick van Aalst (May - July 2018)
Jean-Pierre Welters (May - July 2018)
Stijn Verhoeven (Apr - July 2018)
Jochem Baaij (May - August 2017)

Prof. Yaxun Fan (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2019 - 2020)
Saurabh Mathur (2018)