dr. Daniel Wegner

daniel wegner


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Daniel Wegner is an assistant professor (tenured) within the SPM department since May 2014. His research focuses on rare-earth magnetism, molecular magnetism, artificial lattices and single-molecule light emission. He studied Physics at the University of Oldenburg (Germany), and the Free University Berlin (Germany) where he also wrote his dissertation (Kaindl group, 2004) on the influence of magnetic properties on the electronic structure of lanthanide-metal surfaces. In 2006, he received a postdoc fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt foundation and moved to Mike Crommie’s group at University of California, Berkeley (USA), where he started working on metalorganic molecules and bottom-up synthesis of magnetic molecules via atomic manipulation techniques. In 2009, he became an Emmy Noether group leader (funded by DFG) at the University of Münster (Germany), where he focused his research on understanding molecular magnetism and phosphorescent molecules and the role of molecule-substrate interactions on molecular properties. In 2011, he became member of the “Junges Kolleg” at the North-Rhine Westphalian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

CV including publication list (pdf, 323 kB) (pdf, 323 kB)

Education highlights

  • Nomination for the faculty teaching award (2018)
  • BKO certificate (2019)

Organizational and Committee roles

  • Committee for Education innovation (2019-now)
  • Infrastructure committee (2017-now)
  • Helium committee (2017-now)

Highlight publications

  • M.R. Slot, S. N. Kempkes, E. J. Knol, W. M. J. van Weerdenburg, J. J. van den Broeke, D. Wegner, D. Vanmaekelbergh, A. A. Khajetoorians, C. M. Smith, and I. Swart, p-Band Engineering in Artificial Electronic Lattices, Phys. Rev. X 9, 011009 (2019).
  • N. Hauptmann, J. W. Gerritsen, D. Wegner, and A. A. Khajetoorians, Sensing Noncollinear Magnetism at the Atomic Scale Combining Magnetic Exchange and Spin-Polarized Imaging, Nano Lett. 17, 5660 (2017).
  • V. Obersteiner, M. Scherbela, L. Hörmann, D. Wegner, and O. T. Hofmann, Structure Prediction for Surface-Induced Phases of Organic Monolayers: Overcoming the Combinatorial Bottleneck, Nano Lett. 17, 4453 (2017).
  • J. Donner, J.-P. Broschinski, B. Feldscher, A. Stammler, H. Bögge, T. Glaser, and D. Wegner, Correlating electronic and magnetic coupling in large magnetic molecules via scanning tunneling microscopy, Phys. Rev. B 95, 165441 (2017).
  • J. Sanning, P. R. Ewen, L. Stegemann, J. Schmidt, C. G. Daniliuc, T. Koch, N. L. Doltsinis, D. Wegner and C. A. Strassert, Scanning-Tunneling-Spectroscopy-Directed Design of Tailored Deep-Blue Emitters, Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 54, 786 (2015).
  • P. R. Ewen, J. Sanning, N. L. Doltsinis, M. Mauro, C. A. Strassert, and D. Wegner, Unraveling Orbital Hybridization of Triplet Emitters at the Metal-Organic Interface, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 267401 (2013).
  • D. Wegner, R. Yamachika, X. Zhang, Y. Wang, M. F. Crommie, and N. Lorente,
    Adsorption site determination of a molecular monolayer via inelastic tunneling, Nano Lett. 13, 2346 (2013).
  • H. Harutyunyan, M. Callsen, T. Allmers, V. Caciuc, S. Blügel, N. Atodiresei, and D. Wegner, Hybridisation at the organic-metal interface: a surface-scientific analogue of Hückel’s rule?, Chem. Commun. 49, 5993 (2013).
  • D. Wegner, R. Yamachika, X. Zhang, Y. Wang, T. Baruah, M. R. Pederson, B. M. Bartlett, J. R. Long, and M. F. Crommie, Tuning Molecule-Mediated Spin Coupling in Bottom-Up Fabricated Vanadium-TCNE Nanostructures, Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 087205 (2009).
  • D. Wegner, R. Yamachika, Y. Wang, V. W. Brar, B. M. Bartlett, J. R. Long, and M. F. Crommie, Single-Molecule Charge Transfer and Bonding at an Organic/Inorganic Interface: Tetracyanoethylene on Noble Metals,Nano Lett. 8, 131 (2008).