Active projects

  • FOM Projectruimte (2016-2021): Toward bottom-up construction of an “Aggregate-OLED” (PI: Wegner)
  • NWO Veni (2019 - 2022): Controlling Magnetism of Single Atoms on Black Phosphorus (PI: Kiraly)
  • FOM Projectruimte (2017-2021): A single-atom memory (PI: Khajetoorians)
  • NWO Vidi (2015-2022): Manipulating the interplay between superconductivity and chiral magnetism at the single atom level (PI: Khajetoorians)
  • ERC CoG (2019-2024): Creating complexity: toward atomic spin-based neural hardware (SPINAPSE), (PI: Khajetoorians)
  • Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship - AvH foundation (2018-2020): Designing topological and magnetic artificial lattices on metal surfaces (PI: Jolie)
  • VILLUM Centre of Excellence for Dirac Materials (2016-2021): (PI: Ph. Hofmann (Aarhus), Co-PI: Khajetoorians)

Past projects

  • FOM Projectruimte (2015-2018): Magnetism with a ‘twist’ (PI: Khajetoorians)
  • Emmy Noether grant (DFG) (2013-2018): Atomic-scale spin engineering and dynamics of novel nano-magnets (PI: Khajetoorians)
  • Emmy Noether grant (DFG) (2009-2015): Understanding and controlling nanoscale spin coupling in molecular spintronic materials (PI: Wegner)
  • Transregio 61 project B13 (DFG) (2012-2016): Bonding, charge transfer and aggregation of Pt-complexes on metallic interfaces (PI: Wegner & C.A. Strassert (Münster))
  • Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (2017-2019): Tuning Emergent Phases in 2D Materials (EMERGE) (PI: Kiraly)
  • Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship - AvH foundation (2015-2016): Measuring magnetic exchange forces at the atomic scale using non-contact atomic force microscopy, (PI: Hauptmann)
  • NWO Physics/f grant (2018-2019): Towards new materials classes with SPEX, (PI: Hauptmann)