ERC Consolidator Grant for Alexander Khajetoorians

Date of news: 5 December 2018
Alexander Khajetoorians, professor of Scanning Probe Microscopy from Radboud University, has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant of two million euros so he can set up a new research project.AAK

Alex Khajetoorians is full professor and head of the Scanning Probe Microscopy department situated in the Institute for Molecules and Materials. His research focuses on characterizing and manipulating the electronic and magnetic properties of quantum materials at the scale of a single atom. Utilizing scanning probe microscopy, he has established one of the most advanced laboratories in the world at Radboud University, dedicated toward understanding and ultimately utilizing the novel properties of new materials for energy-efficient information technology and sensing.

In order to address the astonishing demands for electricity resulting from digital data consumption, more than 5% of the world’s electricity, combined with the demands for pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, Khajetoorians proposes to utilize physical phenomena in high-quality magnetic materials to mimic pattern recognition tasks directly at the level of hardware. In this way, one may be able to create a neural simulator, composed of artificial synapses made from magnets, scaled directly at the level of single atoms. In this project, Khajetoorians will focus on understanding neural-like processes in magnetic materials, with the ultimate goal of creating material systems that can perform pattern recognition tasks and that can learn, both with high energy efficiency.

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