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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Change of address

To report a change of address, send an email to newsletter-rsc-cf@ru.nl.


Ticket hours can be cancelled via the Internet, unless the ticket has already been printed out. In that case you can only cancel at the RSC desk.

If you want to opt out of a course, send an e-mail to the registration desk (newsletter-rsc-cf@ru.nl). Do not forget to indicate whether you opt out temporarily or for good.


Payment is possible through direct debit. Students sign a single direct debit mandate on the application form for the student sports card. You can also pay cash or with a debit card at the RSC desk.


The RSC distributes digital newsletters containing all the relevant information per target group. If you have not received this newsletter, send your (correct) e-mail address to newsletter-rsc-cf@ru.nl.


Prevent theft: Do not leave any valuables behind in the dressing room; use the lockers.

Lost property

Lost property is collected in the designated containers near the RSC desk. Valuable items such as purses and jewelry are kept at the RSC desk.


If you are a student and you want to register for the year subscription, you can digitally subscribe through this website, download the application form or pick it up at the RSC desk and hand it in again at the RSC desk. If you opt for the month subscription, you have to subscribe in person at the RSC desk.

Individuals and staff of the RU and Radboudumc can only subscribe in person at the RSC desk.

Registration for courses and ticket hours, as well as reservation for swimming, tennis and squash courts, is only possible through this website. You can also access this website by means of the terminals in the RSC service area (near the entrance of the fitness studio).

Sports card

If you have lost your sports card, you can apply for a free duplicate at the RSC registration desk. If you have lost your campus card, you need to apply for a new one at Radboud University.

Validity: the student sports card is an annual card, valid from 1 September to 31 August, this card cannot be cancelled. You can also opt for a month subscription. The month subscription requires you to register for at least two months. After this period you can cancel your subscription on a monthly basis or extend it by a full month.

The sports card is not automatically renewed: if you also want to make use of the RSC facilities in the next academic year, you will need to fill in the application form again or re-register digitally for the annual card via this website.


Reservation of a tennis or squash court is only possible through this website (no more than 48 hours in advance).


Sports card holders can swim laps outside course hours in the Erica Terpstra Sportfondsenbad. Reservations can be made through this website, up to 48 hours in advance. One reservation is half an hour. You can have up to two outstanding reservations.