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Questions, complaints and suggestions

Do you have any questions, complaints or suggestions for the Radboud Sports Centre? Below you will find an overview of various mail forms that you can use.

Questions about the Radboud Sports Centre
If you have a question, first check if it is already answered below in the FAQ. Otherwise, fill out the enquiry form.

If you have a complaint or suggestion, please fill out the suggestion/complaint form.

Regulations on Undesirable behaviour
Radboud University has regulations for students and employees on undesirable behavior, such as (sexual) intimidation, bullying, aggression, violence and discrimination. A number of confidential advisors have also been appointed for this purpose. Click here for the complaints procedure and more information about the confidential advisers for students and employees.

If you are a customer of the RSC, but not a student or employee of Radboud University, you can submit a complaint directly to the Head or one of the RSC Team Leaders. Contact details can be found on our website. You can also fill in our suggestion/complaint form. This form can be found on our website and is available at the front office. Keep in mind that various employees of the RSC (can) see the completed form.

Student sports clubs can contact the Student Sports Associations Team Leader with questions and for advice on undesirable behavior. The contact details of this person are known to the board of the association and the NSSR.