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The Radboud University Sports Centre has a wonderful accommodation where a wide variety of sports can be practiced. The accommodation consists of two sports halls, five multipurpose rooms, a body & mind room, an indoor cycling room, two fitness areas, a dojo, four squash courts, two artificial turf hockey fields, an artificial turf football field, an artificial turf football and rugby field, a 400-metre track, twelve hard court tennis courts, an indoor climbing wall, an outdoor climbing wall, an indoor boulder wall, two beach volleyball courts, an outdoor fitness and a welcoming sports café with its own terrace. It is possible to make reservations for the above-mentioned accommodations for unattended sports.

Sports card holders can make reservations for free. Prior to the activity, all sports cards must be shown at the RSC desk. It is possible to introduce non-sports card holders for team sports activities: € 5.80 per person. The payment must be paid in advance. At least half of the number of participants must be in possession of a sports card, otherwise rental prices apply to the entire group.

Are your looking for a plan of our accomodation? Please visit the page route map accommodation.

Freely available equipment provided by the RSC
Nets and goals may only be used in the various sports halls. Use of mats, trampolines, etc. is not allowed. For the following equipment, borrowing is only allowed when at least one membership card is handed over at the RSC front desk, along with a €10 deposit:

  • Basketball, volleyball, netball, soccer ball, volleyball and handball
  • Frisbee
  • Table tennis paddle and ball

Equipment that can be rented
Rackets (tennis, squash and badminton)

Equipment that can be purchased
Tennis and squash balls and badminton shuttles

Lights on for outdoor sports
Unattended sports are also allowed outdoors, provided the lights had to be turned on anyway. The only condition is that at least 6 players are present on the hockey field, soccer field, rugby field or on the running track. In case the lights are out and only one member wants to train outside, the lights are not turned on. For the beachvolleyball courts the lights will be turned on when at least 4 players are present.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the possibility to make reservations for our climbing facilities. They can simply be used when available. Climbers are expected to be with at least two and should all have valid RSC climbing permissions and climbing insurance. RSC members may freely use our boulder facilities (indoor only), provided that you hand over your sports card at the RSC front desk (in this case, a RSC climbing permission and climbing insurance are not required).