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Body & Mind

In body & mind classes you train both body & mind. Physical fitness and mental strength combine. The focus is on you, you will discover your inner strength. You continue to build on that. Besides improving your posture and suppleness, body & mind increases your self-understanding, self-confidence and concentration.

We offer the following body & mind classes: 
1. Yoga
- Hatha
- Kundalini
- Vinyasa
- Ashtanga
- Yin
2. Meditation
3. Tai Chi Chuan
4. Mindfulness
5. Pilates

You can try them all and discover which class suits you best. Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and Mindfulness are offered as a course. The other classes are offered as ticket hours. Always bring a large towel!


There are different yoga forms you can practice. Each yoga has the same basis:

• Asana = movement exercise = strength and energy
• Pranayama = breathing technique = emotional calm and mental focus
• Savasana = relaxation technique = more space and balance
• Mantra = sound technique = stronger concentration and focus
• Meditation = silence exercise = calm and clarity

Depending on the form or teacher, you can experience one yoga very differently from the other. It is important to choose the form that suits you, in order to enjoy the most benefits. The explanation of each yoga form can be found under Sports on offer> Sports on offer> Yoga. 

Meditation brings you peace of mind. You focus your attention. You release stress and gain more overview. You will understand yourself better. You come closer to your true nature, closer to your self. Meditating can be a spiritual experience, but it doesn't have to be so.

There are different forms of meditation. You can focus on your breathing, an object or a mantra. You can also meditate on a theme such as loving kindness. Meditation is often performed while seated, but a walking or lying meditation is also possible. Meditation is offered as a course and a ticket hour.


Slow movements that are performed in a relaxed way, that is what characterizes Tai Chi Chuan. While practicing Tai Chi Chuan you learn to move your body naturally, according to the principles of Yin and Yang. An open and relaxed body posture creates a free flow of vital energy in the body. The self-healing ability of the body is activated. This works as follows: your breathing deepens, your concentration increases, your focus sharpens, you physically relax and you feel mentally strong. Your appearance is graceful, powerful and energetic.
Tai Chi Chuan is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine (qigong), martial arts and Taoism. This is how a 'soft martial art' came about. All three elements reinforce each other and help us to understand the life energy chi (qi, ki).

In this course you become acquainted with the full form such as the Yang family used to teach at the court of the Chinese emperor. The teachers of the International Tai Chi Chuan Association (www.itcca.nl) pass on this heritage unchanged. At the sports centre Tai Chi Chuan is offered as an A and B course.


Mindfulness is a way of living. It helps you to live consciously. More friendly, without judgment, alert to your tendency to automatic reactions. In 1981, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn (physician, writer and scientist) developed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training. This training is based on centuries-old techniques from the Buddhist tradition. MBSR was originally intended for people with chronic pain, fatigue and stress complaints.

During the meetings you practice with various meditation techniques such as the body scan, seated meditation, walking meditation and yoga. There will be opportunity to exchange ideas about personal experiences with the exercises.

What will you learn from this training?
• Pause, be present in the here and now
• Insight into automatic thought and behavior patterns
• A friendly attitude towards yourself and others

Who is this training for?
This course is suitable for everyone. Every adult, old or young, fast or slow, with or without conditions is welcome and can benefit from it. As Jon Kabat-Zinn says, "I have never met anyone who would not benefit from more mindfulness in his life." Mindfulness classes are offered as a course. It is a shortened version of the original 8-week program.

Joseph Pilates developed 'the Art of Contrology' in the 1920s. This exercising method is based on his conviction that physical fitness is a precondition for a healthy and happy life. Joseph Pilates was often ill as a child. He started working out to make his body stronger. He chose bodybuilding, gymnastics, yoga and martial arts. These influences are still noticeable in his exercises. Not whát you do, but hów you do it is important. Joseph Pilates expected perfection. Every aspect of a movement was mentioned, every detail was important. He is the founder of core stability: the torso as the center of the body. Stability and flexibility.

In a Pilates class, the teacher does not participate in the exercises. The participant discovers the movements himself. Instructions such as "let your shoulderblades slide down, pull your belly button inwards, lengthen your spine", ensure that you stay focused. You simply do not have the time to think about something else, the directions keep coming. That's what makes Pilates a body and mind class. All attention is directed towards yourself. That is why you leave the class in a relaxed manner: you have worked hard and you have stepped out of the hectic pace of daily life for a moment.

Pilates is offered as a ticket hour. If you have no experience with Pilates, then choose Pilates Basic. After at least eight introductory lessons you can take part in the regular Pilates classes.