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The Radboud Sports Centre has a modern 1200m2 fitness area. This area is equipped with high quality machines and has a well-equipped free weights room. You can train here on Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 23.30 and on weekends from 08.00 till 21.00 (during holidays these times may differ). Our qualified trainers are always present to provide support and answer your questions. They are also available to teach you certain techniques and help you customize your workout to your personal goals.

Reserve a time slot
To work out in our fitness room, you need to make a reservation. This way we can regulate the crowds so you can train much more effectively. You can book a time slot for entry via the app. After entering, it is up to you how long you stay inside to exercise.

Opening the entrance gate
Within the time slot that you reserve, you can open the entrance gate to the fitness with your card. This means you don’t have to print a ticket upon entering the sports centre. If you have to leave the fitness room during your workout to, for example, take something from your locker, then you must report this to an instructor, because the gate will not open for you a second time.

Fitness appointment
Would you like a personal workout plan, additional information about exercises or an introduction tour through our fitness? Then sign up for a fitness appointment. These individual appointments are offered as ticket hours. You can make your appointment via our registration system or the RSC app.

Fitness workshops
During a fitness workshop, you emphasize one specific theme in terms of theory and performance so that you can work on them better by yourself afterward. The following fitness workshops are offered as a ticket hour:

  • Nutrition
  • Squat
  • Glute training
  • Deadlift
  • Bench press

Courses strength training or fitness
At the RSC we offer the following strength related courses:

  • Functional strength training basics
  • Sport specific strength training
  • Strength training for women

All courses consist of a series of lessons that start five times a year. For more information, see our courses on offer.

Do you want to work out as responsibly and safely as possible? We help you get started by offering physical tests. Based on the results of the test you can set realistic goals. We offer the following tests:

Fitness app
Do you want to improve your fitness? If you create an account via the LFconnect app you can keep track of what you have done and schedule workouts on your calendar. You can download the app via the links below: