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General information

To clear your mind, be active, improve your health, push your boundaries or just feel good about yourself. Whatever motivates you to get up and moving, Radboud Sports Centre is the perfect place to do it. With over 80 different activities, extended opening hours, and professional guidance, we offer a wide range of sports, exercise, and relaxation opportunities for everyone.

All activities
With more than 80 activities to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits you or encourages you to try new things. We offer more than 300 group lessons and 200 courses a week. The activities are offered as ticket hours, courses, student sports club hours, internal competitions and free hours. For a number of sports you do not even have to be a member, you can buy single tickets or a punch card. In addition to a versatile sports offer, the Radboud Sports Centre also has a cultural offer and various other facilities which allow you to get the best out of your subscription and yourself!

Ticket hours
The Radboud Sports Centre offers a variety of sports in the form of ticket hours offered at different times throughout the day. This means that you must book a ticket in advance for the class in which you want to participate. You can reserve tickets via the RSC website or the RSC app. Before your lesson starts you can print your ticket opposite the RSC desk. You need both this ticket and your membership card to join a class. If you are a student or an alumnus, you can reserve your tickets from five days in advance, with a maximum of two reservations at a time. Non-student members can reserve their tickets from eight days in advance, with a maximum of three reservations at a time. Beware that 'full is full' applies to all ticket hours. Do you have little time or are you abroad for a while? A few ticket hours are given online!

Courses consist of a series of classes, many of which are offered at different levels. Ideal in case you want to get to know a sport or want to get (even) better at one! The RSC sports season is divided into five terms, with multiple sports offered per term. As a student or alumnus you can enroll for one course one week before the start of each new term via the RSC website or the RSC app. Non-student members can enroll for a course from 18 days in advance. Once the courses have started, everyone is free to apply for more courses, subject to availability.

The Radboud Sports Centre has a modern 1200m2 fitness area. It features high-quality fitness machines and a well-equipped free weights room. You can train here on Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 23.30 and on weekends from 08.00 till 21.00 (during holidays these times may differ). Our qualified trainers are always present to provide support and answer your questions. They are also available to teach you certain techniques and help you customize your workout to your personal goals. To work out in our fitness you need to reserve a time slot to enter by using the RSC website or app.

Body & Mind
In body & mind classes physical fitness and mental strength combine, you train both body and mind. You will discover your inner strength, improve your posture and suppleness, increase your self-understanding, self-confidence and concentration. At the RSC we offer Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin), Meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, Mindfulness and Pilates.

Tennis and squash
The RSC has twelve tennis courts and four squash courts. Non-members can buy a single ticket or ticket strip. Members can make reservations for these courts via our ticket system.

With your RSC membership card you can swim laps at the Erica Terpstra swimming pool during almost all opening hours. You need to sign up in advance via our ticket system.

Home workouts
Also when you are at home, you want to stay active! For this reason, we have recorded a number of sports lessons, so that you can follow them online.

Internal soccer tournament
Every year we organize a football tournament. You can enroll at €25,- a team.

Everybody with a RSC membership card can make free reservations for RSC accommodations up to 48 hours in advance. Rental rates apply to non-members.

Student sports clubs
The Radboud Sports Centre is the home of 38 student sport clubs. In principle, everyone RSC member can apply for membership to a student sports club. Bear in mind that admission policies differ per club and that at least 80 percent of the members must be students. In addition to your RSC membership fee, you are also required to pay a sports club fee.

Cultural offer 
The RSC also offers several cultural ticket hours and courses such as Guitar, Photography, Drawing and Theatre.

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