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Student sports clubs and NSSR

Some sports can be practised both through courses at the RSC, as through student sports clubs. You will find more information on these courses at overview courses. There are also sports that you can practice only by becoming a member of a student sports club. These sports are marked with a * in the table below.

Every member of the RSC may apply for a membership with a student sports club. Student sports clubs are responsible for their own admission policies. As a member of a sports club you are required to pay a fee for your RSC membership as well as for your sports club membership.

Nijmegen Student Sports Council (NSSR)
The Nijmegen Student Sports Council (NSSR) represents the interests of all sports card holding students from Radboud University Nijmegen and
HANUniversity. The NSSR’s main aim is to promote student sports in Nijmegen. NSSR is also the umbrella organization for more than 35 student sports clubs. In their brochure 'Sports in Nijmegen' you can find information about all of them.

If you are interested in one of the following sports by student sports clubs, please contact the relevant sports club.