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The Nijmegen Student Sports Council (NSSR) represents the interests of students from Radboud University and HAN University (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen) with a sports subscription at Radboud Sports Centre.

The NSSR’s main aim is to promote student sports in Nijmegen. NSSR is also the umbrella organization for about 40 student sports clubs.

NSSR’s responsibilities:

 The granting of subsidies to participants and organizers of sports events;

 Supporting the organization of student sports events;

 Promoting national and international tournaments and processing the registrations;

 Dealing with and solving questions, complaints, ideas etc. related to student sports.

▪ Defending the interests of about 40 student sports clubs in Nijmegen and of students with a sports subscription at Radboud Sports Centre.

The NSSR consists of an Executive Board, a General Board and an activities committee. All student sports clubs are represented in the General Board. Furthermore, the Executive Board’s activities are monitored by an advisory committee and an auditing committee.


Besides that, the NSSR organizes various events for all students, such as the Sportsnight, the Racket Tournament and the Sports Gala with the ‘Athlete of the Year Election’. More information about these and other events can be found at the event page.

Each year, the NSSR also selects a great Batavierenraceteam and a delegation participating in the Great Dutch Students Championships (GNSK). Finally the NSSR helps organizing the Campusrun, Radboud Sports and the sports days during the RU and HAN orientation.

Want to know more?
Go to the NSSR website or drop by if you have any questions or comments. Our office is located in room N -1.310 in the basement of the Radboud Sports Centre and is staffed each working day from 10am to 5pm.

Nijmeegse Studenten Sport Raad (NSSR)
Radboud Sports Centre, Room N -1.310
Heijendaalseweg 141
6525 AJ
(024) 361 23 94