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Swimming laps
With a RSC subscription you can swim laps in the Erica Terpstra Sportfondsenbad. Available times may vary per day and are visible in the app. You can have up to two outstanding reservations of 30 minutes. Reservations can be made from 48 hours in advance via 'Free sports' in the reservation system or app.

Swimming courses/ticket hour swimming
There are two levels at which you can follow the swim course: the B- and C-course. In the B-course you will work on basic swimming fitness and you will be introduced to the basic techniques of the four swimming strokes. In the C-course you are expected to control the three basic strokes (front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke) at a reasonable level and to hold out at least 100 meters. In this course you will work on improving your technique and your swimming fitness.

We also offer a ticket hour swimming as a preparation for obtaining swimming certificate B. See Overview courses.

Swim training generator
The Swim training generator is a self-help tool for creating swim workouts. For example, you can start a test to determine your critical swim speed and do exercises to work on your technique or improve your endurance.
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Students sports club Hydrofiel
It is also possible to swim through students sports club Hydrofiel.