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Other facilities

In addition to a wide range of sports an culture, we offer the following additional services that allow you to get the most out of your subscription and yourself!

Medical Checklist
A short checklist to make sure you can get started responsibly.

Sports advice
Free online advice on all your sports questions.

Running analysis
This analysis will help you improve your running technique.

Fitness test
Bike test to determine the level of your physical condition.

Measurement body composition
Measurement of your fat percentage and muscle mass with the help of a bio-impedance meter.

FMS test
During a Functional Movement Screening functional movement patterns are screened.

Different lectures every year about (sports)nutrition and training.

Documents, advice and individual guidance about general nutrition and medical/sports oriented.

Mental sports coaching
For questions about exercise and health, setting goals or improving performance.

ChampionChip TimePoint
Our 400 meter tartan track is equipped with a MYLAPS TimePoint.

Sportsbar The Yard 
Cup of coffee, protein shake, beer or sandwich? You are most welcome!

Ysveld Fysio – Physiotherapy practice
Advice and treatment for students, employees, and residents around the university.

Sports medical advice Seneca
Not located in the Gymnasion, but as a partner, we recommend HAN SENECA. This certified sports medical advice center (SMA) has access to an innovative, digitized test and measurement lab. You can go there for a sports medical examination or sports examination.