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Trend hour Movement class

Date of news: 1 September 2022

In each term we have trend hours on our program. These are activities that are new or special and are not included in our regular program. At this moment, we offer the trend hour Movement class. During Movement class, your strength, coordination, flexibility, and responsiveness are trained in dynamic situations. You develop a high degree of body control and learn how to move your body as freely as possible in playful and complex movement situations. It's not about performance. Pleasant movement and increasing the movement capacity of your body are more important in Movement.

Every Movement class starts with a technical part in which certain movement patterns are taught. After having learned them, these new skills are applied in increasingly dynamic situations. Think of Zen Archer and Animal Flow, but also throwing, frolicking, and sprinting. All these forms of exercise contribute to a stronger, healthier, and fitter body.

Movement class is based on the idea that we as humans are not specialists, but generalists. There is no animal that can move as versatile as humans. It is therefore time that we start treating ourselves and our bodies in the same way. The lessons are inspired by the work of Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey, and Dr. Andreo Spina, among others.

Movement class focuses on fun, movement, and making contact with others. The class is recommended for people who want to learn to move better in everyday life, as well as for experienced athletes who want to get better in their sport. To get a better idea of Movement class, you can watch this video >>

Ticket hour
Movement class is offered as a ticket hour. (See trend hour)

Wear comfortable sports clothing and flexible sports shoes.

For Movement class we gather in the central hall of the RSC. From there we go to a suitable place on campus.