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From now on also scan your card for a course

Date of news: 9 January 2023

Until recently, you only had to scan your card at a ticket printer if you came to the sports center for a ticket hour or free sport. As of 9 January 2023, you must also scan your card when you come to the RSC for a course! You must do this for every class of the course series so that you are registered as 'Present'. You only need to scan your card for this. The printer does not print a ticket.

Deregistration after two times 'Absent'
By scanning your card at a ticket printer, you will automatically be set to 'Present' for that particular course date. If you do not scan your card, you will be registered in the system as 'Absent'. If you are 'Absent' twice without signing out in advance, you will be deregistered from the rest of the course so that we can make another athlete happy with your place. If you do not want this, please make sure to scan your card when you're present! In case you forget to do this upon arrival, you can do so up to three hours after class. If you have forgotten your pass, you can report to the RSC desk or the instructor.

Sign out from a course
If you cannot come to your course for whatever reason, you can easily sign out via the RSC app or website. If you do this in advance you will not appear as 'Absent' but as ‘Signed out’ in the system. How to sign out from a course, you can read here >>

Courses at a location outside the RSC
Are you taking part in a course that does not take place at the RSC or in the Erica Terpstra pool? At locations other than the previous two, you cannot scan your card at a ticket printer. Instead, you report to the instructor upon arrival and he or she will set your status to 'Present'.