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Facilitary Company

Cafe The Yard and Cafe C

Sports bar The Yard
The Yard is located on the first floor of the Gymnasion and has a beautiful outside terrace with views across the outdoor sports accommodations. The bar offers drinks, refreshments, lunch, and a small menu with snacks. The Yard obviously has an audio installation and several TV's, including a large screen. In addition to food and drink, the café is a perfect venue for organizing combined festivities such as a sports day followed by a healthy buffet.

Café C
To Café C you can go for a delicious coffee and a good muffin. The café is also open during all cultural and scientific events that take place in culture hall C.

The Yard
Heyendaalseweg 141

T: (024) 361 11 14
F: (024) 361 11 15
E: sportcafe@fb.ru.nl