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Lectures in (sports) nutrition or training

During the season there will be several lectures about (sports) nutrition or training. Below you will find an overview of all lectures in 22/23, that will be given in English. A description of each lecture can be found under the schedule.

Schedule Lectures about nutrition

Date Time Lecture
Tue 04 Oct 2022 19.30 Sustainable nutrition

Ticket hour
Lectures are offered as a ticket hour, but do not count in the reservations you can have! You can always register via our website or via the RSC app.

Description of the lectures

4-10-2022 Sustainable nutrition (Eng)
More sustainable, healthy, easy, and quick meals don't have to be expensive. This lecture describes topics in sustainable nutrition such as the carbon footprint of diets, mono/duocropping, animal agriculture, and what we can do to eat a more sustainable diet. If you are curious to know how to put these kinds of meals together, join this lecture!

Make sure you read the nutritional documents Basic nutrition and Sport-specific nutrition in advance, as they provide the basis for this lecture.