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(Sports) nutrition: fable or fact?

Annelies van den Hoven is a (sports) dietitian at dietitian practice Die Eet & Sport. Every Monday between 12:00 and 18:00 she has consultation hours at the Radboud Sports Centre where you can contact her with all your questions about nutrition & health and nutrition & sports. More information about the options can be found on the page (Sports) dietitian >>

(Sports) nutrition: Fable or fact?
What is healthy food? What should you eat and drink to have enough fuel during workouts? And what do you need afterwards to recover as well as possible? Since there is no subject that has so many myths circulating, Annelies will discuss a new statement about nutrition in ‘Fable or Fact?’ every month. These can be statements about healthy nutrition in general, but also statements that provide insight into how you can influence your sports performance with nutrition.

5. “Fresh fruit juices are healthy.”

People often make a large glass of fresh fruit juice for themselves with different fruits: banana, orange, lemon, mango, apple, et cetera. The pieces of fruit are pressed, blended or cold-pressed with the idea of being healthy. But is fresh fruit juice actually healthy? Read the answer >> (pdf, 251 kB)

4. “Soy drink is a sustainable alternative to regular milk products.”

In the previous fable or fact we discussed whether soy drink is a healthy and complete alternative to regular milk products such as milk, yogurt and quark. The answer was ‘yes’. But, as you probably saw in the news, there is a lot of discussion about the production of soy. Is soy drink next to a healthy alternative also a sustainable alternative to regular milk products? Read the answer >> (pdf, 253 kB)

3. "Soy drink is a healthy and complete alternative to regular dairy products.”

The number of Dutch people who have started to eat less meat in recent years has increased in the last couple of years. The consumption of dairy products such as milk, yogurt, quark and cheese has also decreased: 11.9% less than in 2007-2010. This is partly due to the rise of dairy alternatives, such as soy drink, almond drink, rice drink, oat drink and coconut drink. Because almond drink, rice drink, oat drink and coconut drink do not contain enough protein4, these are not complete alternatives to regular dairy products. But what about soy drink? Is this a healthy and complete alternative? Read the answer >> (pdf, 310 kB)

2. “Carbohydrates are indispensable for endurance training sessions and high-intensity (interval) training sessions.”

It is generally known that you use carbohydrates as fuel during endurance training sessions and high-intensity (interval) training sessions. For example, an endurance ride on the racing bike against the wind, a tough ergometer training session, a CrossFit class where strength and cardio are alternated or a trail run through the hills of Nijmegen. But are carbohydrates indispensable? Read the answer >> (pdf, 968 kB)

1. “A bowl of low-fat quark is always a good recovery snack.”

Many athletes eat a bowl of low-fat quark after their training session as a recovery meal. They do this after a strength workout, but also after an intensive endurance or interval workout. Is this a wise choice for you as an athlete? What stimulates the recovery of your body most? Read the answer >> (pdf, 277 kB)

Do you want to submit your statement?
Do you have a nice statement about (sports) nutrition and would you like to know how it really works? Mail this to info@dieeetensport.nl, stating ‘Fable or fact?’, and who knows, Annelies might discuss your statement!