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Sports medical advice at the Radboud Sports Centre

As of March 2019, a branch of the Seneca Sports Medical Advice Center (SMA) is housed at the Radboud Sports Centre. Specifically, this means that every Monday and Friday morning a sports doctor is present who can perform the following sports medical examinations.

Major sports medical examination
A Major sports medical examination takes 1.5 hours and includes an exercise test with ECG and blood pressure monitoring, a neurological and an orthopedic examination, an eye test, a lung function test and a blood test. The Major sports medical examination is advised to athletes who want to exercise intensively or start exercising again after years of inactivity. In addition, this examination is suitable if there are complaints of shortness of breath or exercise-related pain complaints.

Extended sports medical examination
An Extended sports medical examination takes 2 hours and, in addition to the above, also includes a breathing gas analysis and a determination of the maximum heart rate, training zones and load-capacity profile. The Extended sports medical examination is intended to give top athletes, endurance athletes or cyclists insight into maximum oxygen uptake capacity, turning point and heart rate training zones. Heart, lungs and muscles are measured under maximum effort.

Costs of a sports medical examination
In 2019 the costs of a Major sports medical examination are € 220 and an Extended sports medical examination € 299. In most cases this amount is reimbursed by the (additional) health insurance policy if you have a referral from your doctor.

How to make an appointment
You can make an appointment for a sports medical examination at the Seneca Sports Medical Advice Center (SMA) at the RSC via seneca@han.nl. With a referral from the doctor, an appointment can also be made with a sports doctor.

About Seneca
Seneca is part of HAN Institute of Sports and Exercise studies. This expertise centre for sports, work and health is concerned with health and performance-enhancing services. At HAN Seneca, an integral approach to health is central. For more information, visit the Seneca website >>