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Make reservations for swimming

Sports card holders can swim laps outside course hours in the Erica Terpstra Sportfondsenbad. Reservations can be made through the internet, up to 48 hours in advance. One reservation is half an hour. You can have up to two outstanding reservations. There are ten places available per half hour. Registration for free sports (squash, tennis, swimming) can also be done quickly and easily with the RSC app.

Once at the pool
After you have registered via the registration system or the RSC app, you can print your ticket at the swimming pool. This ticket printer works the same as at the RSC. Make sure you print the ticket at least 5 minutes before the start of the reserved time. Sometimes it happens that the scanner sleeps, you then have to pull your card through twice. Provided of course that you have a working sports/campus card, otherwise you cannot print your ticket. A barcode is also printed with the ticket, which you enter in the turnstile to open it. After you pass the turnstile, you can continue to the changing rooms and the pool. The ticket should be handed in to the employees at the swimming pool.  Swimming is also offered as a course, for which you do not need to print a ticket.

Upon entering the pool is indicated in which lanes you can swim laps, this could vary. For the RSC there are (almost always) 2 lanes of 10 places available. The other six lanes are used by customers of the Sportfondsenbad. For the two lanes, a distinction is made ​​in a faster and a slower lane, which is indicated at the pool.