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Make reservations for facilities

It is possible for sports card holders to make reservations for part of the RSC accommodation free of charge. Prior to the activity all sports cards must be handed in at the RSC desk. It is possible to introduce non-sports card holders for team sports activities against payment. If at least half of the total number of participants has a sports card, the reservation of accommodation (with the exception of tennis, squash, swimming and fitness) is called unattended sports and is free of charge for sports card holders. Only the non-members have to buy a ticket at the central desk. The payment must be paid in advance. If less than half of the total number of participants has a sports card, rental prices apply for the entire group.

Non-members and sports card holders that do not meet the requirements for unattended sports, can rent accommodation. You can apply for this via the secretary: secretariaat-rsc-cf@ru.nl.

How to make reservations
Reservations of an accommodation (with the exception of the sports halls and the fields) can be made by members from 48 hours in advance via the RSC app or the registration system on our website. Requests for activities that can take place in (part of) the sports hall or on the field can be made via this form. You can expect a reply within two days. In addition, reservations can be made by telephone or at the RSC desk from 24 hours in advance and in weekends.  Reservations for tennis and squash courts and swimming are not possible via this form but have to be made online via our registration system.

The maximum playing time is one hour. Exceptions are squash (45 minutes) and climbing (four hours per session). You may stay for as long as no new players show up. Renting is always on the hour, except for climbing and squash. It is possible to borrow or rent different materials. More information about the standard options can be found here. If you want to rent other materials, you can inquire about this.