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Reservations of our facilities

Reservations by non-members
You can rent various accommodations in the Gymnasion. The following rental rates apply to this. Non-members can request a reservation for an accommodation via secretariaat-rsc-cf@ru.nl . Reservations can also be made by telephone (024-3612392) or at the RSC desk from 24 hours in advance.

Reservations by members
Members can make a free reservation for the use of a sports room or sports field from 48 hours in advance. You make a reservation for one hour and can stay if there are no reservations after you. Making this reservation is easiest via 'Free sports' in the RSC app.

Are you a member and do you want to book accommodation more than 48 hours in advance? This is possible from a maximum of 8 days in advance via this form.

Conditions for reservations by members
When a reservation is made by a member, the rule applies that half of the participants must be in possession of a subscription, which must be shown at the RSC desk prior to the activity. For a fee of € 6.30 p.p. it is also possible to introduce non-members to the activitie (with the exception of tennis, squash, swimming and fitness). Payment must be made in advance.

Material at rental accommodation
It is possible to borrow or rent various materials. If you want to rent other materials, you can inquire about this via secretariaat-rsc-cf@ru.nl.