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Request/ cancel/ change/ activate monthly subscription

The RSC has a very flexible monthly registration system. If you register for the first time, you will have to remain a member for at least two months. After this period, you can discontinue your membership up to and including the last day of the current month. Your membership will end at the last day of that month. This way, you can keep your membership on hold or easily change, discontinue or reactivate your subscription.

Request a monthly subscription
You can take out a monthly subscription at the counter of the RSC. In addition, non-students and employees of the RU and Radboudumc can also request a monthly subscription via this form >>

Cancel, change or reactivate monthly subscription
Did you purchase your monthly subscription directly from the RSC and do you want to cancel, change or reactivate this subscription? Then you can do so via this form >>

Please note that it can take up to 3 working days before you receive a confirmation due to the processing time. In case of termination, the cancellation date is always the last day of the cancellation month (RSC collects monthly). So there is one more subscription fee deducted at the end of the cancellation month.

Subscriptions taken out via BFNL or Mijnontwikkeling
If you use a subscription via Bedrijfsfitness Nederland (BFNL) or Mijnontwikkeling from Radboudumc, you cannot use the above form. If you have any questions about this, we would like to refer you to the company you purchased your RSC subscription from.

Terms and Conditions
The RSC derives its general terms and conditions (pdf, 583 kB) directly from the general terms and conditions of the branch association NL Actief.