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Retired employees RU and Radboudumc

Retired employees of the Radboud University who were employed by the RU until retirement and former Radboudumc employees who were employed until retirement, receive a 40% discount on the rack rates of the Radboud Sports Centre! You can choose from two subscriptions:

  • Fit Card
    The Fit Card grants you unlimited access to all RSC activities and sports facilities for five days per month. You can use these five days whenever and however you like.

  • Top Fit Card
    The Top Fit Card gives you unlimited access to all RSC activities and sports facilities.


The following rates apply during the academic year 21/22:


Fee per month

Fit Card retirees RU/Radboudumc € 20.25
Top Fit Card retirees RU/Radboudumc € 35.40


Duration of subscription

you must remain a member for at least two consecutive months of the current academic year. After this period you can cancel your subscription on a monthly basis until the last day of the current month. Former customers who re-register within 6 months after having cancelled their membership have to register for at least one full month.

Apply for a subscription

Retired employees of the RU and Radboudumc can take out a Fit Card or Top Fit Card subscription at the the Radboud Sports Centre desk. You have to come personally for this.

Retired employees Radboud University
In order to apply for the subscription above you must be registered at the university and in possession of a staff card. Please bring this when registering.

Retired employees Radboudumc
When registering, please bring a copy of your letter of resignation with the date of dismissal to the RSC desk. For any questions about this arrangement, you can visit the Employees' Square (Medewerkersplein) of the Radboudumc: Route 528 (open from Monday to Friday from 08.00-17.00) You can reach them by telephone from 09.30-11.30 hours on +31 (0) 24 366 70 00
E-mail: medewerkersplein@radboudumc.nl

Reservation agreements

Different benefits and restrictions apply to a Fit Card and a Top Fit Card. You can find these on our page with reservation agreements >>

Single tickets and ticket strips

For a view sports, you do not need to be a member of the RSC. You an purchase single tickets or a ticket strip >>