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2019 Dreamtree


A tree to lie in, to dream away. To imagine what it feels like to be a tree, to be part of the interior of a tree. A tree as a place for meditation, to listen to yourself, to what moves you, concerns you, to what you find important. That is possible at the garden of the Student Chaplaincy, at the dream tree. You can lie in the tree that is lying on the grass.

This tree was blown down in Venlo as a result of a storm. Employees of the Stadsboom have sawn this 180-year-old American oak (with here and there shrapnel from the Second World War). Stadsboom is a company that offers young people the opportunity to learn a trade. They then processed this tree and made it suitable as a meditation tree. Earlier this year they also made benches for het chaplaincy and benches for our garden. More work ca be found on campus and in the buildings of the university.

If you want to lay down in the tree to meditate, think, experience what it feels like, feel free to go ahead. If you want a rug or blanket, just ask for it inside.

http://www.stadsboom.nl/ Stadsboom is a certified recognized apprenticeship company that deals with sustainable production, maintenance and renovation of products made mainly from local trees.