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2019 Purification grave

In 2009 till 2011 we had a grave in the garden of the Student Chaplaincy. You could lay in it to reflect on your life and to reflect on what is really important to you. A modern form of memento mori, which means that you are aware that you are mortal. So it's an invitation along the lines of: make something out of your life. Information about the project from 2009 to 2011 can be found here.

Since the theme of mortality and thinking about your life remains a current topic, we have dug another grave in the garden where you can lie down. You can deside for yourself how long you want to do this for. Telephones and books in the grave are prohibited. You can also see it as a special place of meditation: below you the earth, above you the sky. You will then automatically notice what is going through your mind. Are you willing to take on that challenge? If you do not want to lie in the grave, you can also sit on the bench near the grave.

You can store your phone and personal items in the lockers at the Student Chaplaincy. You lie on a mat and on a pillow. Register if you want to spend some time in the grave. Talking about your experience afterwards is possible. Let us know about this.

The grave is open during office hours of the Student Church. Send us a mail with date and time if you want to meditate in the grave. We give you pillows and a mat.

Time: 10.00 - 17.00 hrs. (Mon-Thurs; Fri: till 15.00 hrs)

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There is another film of our grave on You Tube.

Wir sprechen von unsrem Herzen, unsern Planen, als wären sie unser, und es ist doch eine fremde Gewalt, die uns herumwirft und ins Grab legt, wie es ihr gefällt, und von der wir nicht wissen, von wannen sie kommt, noch wohin sie geht.

Hölderlin, Hyperion, (Cap 10)