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Board and Advisory Council

Board Oecumenical Chaplaincy Nijmegen

The board has the aim to provide possibilities to organize pastoral care for all students and staffmembers of the University and Highschool Arnhem Nijmegen. This becomes concrete in the program of the chaplaincy with their chaplains. Three organisations have there delegation in this board: two members of the Catholic Parish Holy Spirit, two members of the Protestant Church Arnhem-Nijmegen and two members of the University, plus a student member.


Teamleden: John Hacking / Jos Geleen / Nicole Schubert/ Marieke Fernhout (teamleden)

RSIN-number Studentenkerk is 805347100

Board of the R.K. students parish:

(Since September 1rst 2021 the board of the R.K. students parish consists of the following persons:

jaarverslag team 2022 Studentenkerk en cijfers (pdf, 3,7 MB)

Projectplan Studentenkerk 2019-2020 (pdf, 1,3 MB)